Please make checks payable to CONG. NACHLAS ARON and mailed out to:
Keren Yesomim Orhpan Fund
C/O Rabbi N. E. Teitelbaum
5808 11th Avenue
Brooklyn, N. Y. 11219

All contributions are tax deductible.
For any question or more information please call 646-481-6270
or email to: nachlasaron@gmail.com

Rabbi Leibish was a Member of the Israel Areivim
Hakudosh ("The Venerable") Reb Aryeh L. Teitelbaum HY"D was slaughtered in the terror
attacks in Mumbai India - in the Chabad House, a beloved father of 8 precious little children.
Keren Yesomim Orhpan Fund
Terror strikes Jews in Mumbai, India!
קרן יתומים

Rabbi Teitelbaum was murdered simply because he was Jewish.
One who is so killed sanctifies God's name through an act of martyrdom.
Please note that this fund is under the direct guidance and supervision of
Rabbi Teitelbaum (Father of Deceased). There are no intermediaries, etc.
or any external expenses at all related therein.

Rabbi Teitelbaum sacrificed his life for being Jewish and at the same time left
behind a family with 8 children who lost their support and income. Please help
support the widow and orphans left behind.
Rabbi Aryeh L. Teitelbaum was murdered in cold blood just because he was a Jew!
8 Precious kids left by Reb Aryeh L. Hy"d
A special fund “Keren Yesomim” (Fund for the Orphans)
has been organized to help support the widow and her 8
orphans. Please donate generously to help support the
The Keren Yesomim web site is sponsored by:
Now during the time of the upcoming yurzheit your real opportunity to identify with this
kodoish is to give tzadaka to the fund established for the purpose of his yesoimim.
אבינו מלכנו
עשה למען
טבוחים על
Fund for the family of
Rabbi Aryeh L. Teitelbaum
We pray to Hashem he should favor us in the Zechus of those murdered on Kiddush Hashem
and in the Zechus of those slaughtered in Mesiras Nefesh

By what right do we ask to partake in their Zechusim? What is our relationship with those holy
souls to be asking of Hashem such favoritism?

It is when we open our hearts and give Tzadaka to their widows and orphaned children
we show our deep concern and attachement to those who perish in HIS name as a result we in
turn rightfully beg and pray to Hashem, please help us in their Zechus

דורך ווייזען פארן רבוש"ע אז מיר טוען עפעס פון אונטען דעריבער איז באיתערותא דלתתא איתער עובדא דלעילא
נצח  ישרא'  לא  ישקר
Rabbi Aryeh L. HY"D, was a Supervisor for Kosher foods and a U.S.
Citizen living in Israel. He was brutally murdered by barbaric  
terrorists, with no mercy and regard to human life, HY”D.
Mumbai, India - Investigators: Jewish Center, Not Taj,
Was Prime Target On Nov. 26 2011. Suspect: Attack
Directed To Send Message To Jews Across The World.
Let us all show our support for the Teitelbaum Widow and
Orphans and sending a message to the people across the world:
Especially when the Yurzheit of the Kedoshim is close by, we
want to endeavor ourselves to be zoiche they should remember us.

This year the yurzheit will be IY"H on  Wednesday 29th of Cheshvin 5783
(November 23 2022)
By donating on this day to the Keren, for his Neshume,
you merit that he will be Mispalel for you and your dear ones.
אבינו מלכנו
עשה למען
הרוגים על
שם קדשך