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Keren Yesomim Orhpan Fund
קרן יתומים
A special fund “Keren Yesomim” (Fund for the Orphans)
has been organized to help support the widow and her 8
orphans. Please donate generously to help support the
The Keren Yesomim web site is sponsored by:
Rabbi Teitelbaum was in India as a Masgiach for a Kosher Supervision agency in
the USA. He had to travel the world over so that we can get kosher food on the shelves of
our local supermarket.

On his last trip, the kosher supervision agency send more than one Masgiach for a
production run of Mushrooms. Part of the process was to make sure that they are free of
תולעים. A just released picture of the food plant shows Rabbi Teitelbaum together with
Rabbl Chroman from Israel. Both were murdered in the terror attack in Mumbai.
Last Picture of rabbi Teitelbaum:
Fund for the family of
Rabbi Aryeh L. Teitelbaum
Rabbi Teitelbaum (center) with Rabbi Chroman השם ינקם דמם
Last known picture of Rabbi Teitelbaum in India outside the food production plant.